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What Measures Need to Be Prepared for the Safe Production of Powder Matallurgy?

What Measures Need to Be Prepared for the Safe Production of Powder Matallurgy?

1. Factors affecting the performance of powder matallurgy products

The production of many products is realized by powder matallurgy process, so the performance of powder matallurgy products is not only affected by the powder injection molding process, but also limited by the raw material powder. The properties related to powder in powder matallurgy are its particle size and shape, so there must be strict control of these two aspects. How to do it?

In practical applications, the particle size of the powder can be between hundreds of nanometers and hundreds of microns, and the smaller the particle size, the greater the activity, and the easier the surface of the product is to oxidize and absorb water. However, it is also difficult to store and transport powders with too small particle size, so we should pay attention.

The shape of the powder is various, mainly determined by the production method, including dendritic, sponge-like, spherical powder, egg-like, disc-like, needle-like, onion-like, etc. Moreover, different shapes also have an impact on the properties of the powder itself, and the selection should be determined according to the actual situation.

2. Measures to be prepared for safe production of powder matallurgy

In the production of products made by powder metallurgy, it is not only required to have excellent technology, but more importantly, the safety of production. Safety is of paramount importance in the production of powder matallurgy products, which requires the knowledge and training of safety measures for staff producing powder matallurgy products. In order to ensure the safe production of powder matallurgy products, the following basic measures must be implemented.

(1) The layout of the workplace for the production of powder matallurgy products should be in accordance with modern hygiene requirements. The finalized equipment should be configured in accordance with the process design, leaving passages for people and vehicles, and fences should be installed at the workbench and openings. Activity areas of process equipment and lifting and transport equipment should be equipped with fences in hazardous locations.

(2) Because of the characteristics of powder metallurgy, the powder matallurgy equipment and workplaces that discharge a lot of dust and gas must be transformed and installed with a dust suction and ventilation system, and the gas discharged into the atmosphere must be purified.

(3) The furnace section must be fully ventilated to remove heat. Consider installing a ventilator and fume hood if the furnace is installed in a separate room or on a worktop.

(4) Vibration equipment must be installed on the vibration isolation foundation, and the vibrating screen, mixer and other equipment must be covered with a cover made of sound-absorbing material, and these equipment must be installed in a room isolated from the outside world.

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