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Mim Injection Molding and It's Process Introduction

Mim Injection Molding and It's Process Introduction

Mim injection molding is namely micro molding. It is a kind of special molding process, which is used to produce products with overall size in millimeters, or products with function features and tolerance requirements in millimeters even micrometers. The micro characteristic of such products requires special molding equipment and corresponding auxiliary equipment to finish injection molding. Meanwhile, it needs to use special development technology of mold insert and die impression. Those special requirements have deterred many injection molding manufacturers. JINLONGYUAN mim china will introduce simply features and overview of mim injection molding technology as follows.

1. Advantages of mim injection molding technology

(1) It has very mature commonality of technical experiences, based on traditional injection-molding technology.

(2) Standardized technological operation procedure reduces difficulty of injection molding.

(3) High automation flow reduces unstable impact from human factors.

(4) Ultrashort production molding cycle is in favor of rapid and stable production requirement.

2. Application range of mim injection molding

(1) Micro products: micro products have weight at microgram or fraction of a gram, and size of millimeter and below, such as micro gear, micro joystick, etc.

(2) Micro tolerance products: high precision products of any size, but the size requires tolerance category at micron order, such as connectors for optical fiber.

(3) Products with microstructural function characteristics: mim liquid metal injection molding products has special structural requirements, such as optical disc with data point gap, and lens with micro surface feature.

3. Requirements for mim injection molding equipment

(1) Micro plasticated device uses short screw, whose L/D ratio is about 15, and the screw diameter is within 12-18mm, in order to avoid degradation and alteration risk of materials.

(2) Injection volume control system of high precision will control the most reasonable and accurate projection quantity.

(3) Ideal injection speed control system will ensure complete and perfect conveying of injection technology.

(4) Accurate mold temperature control is beneficial to reasonable security of all the parts' molding quality of melts between complex construction.

(5) Molds have vacuum function, which has more accurate size stability function and injection assisting function of micro products.

(6) Self-sealing nozzle can avoid various instabilities of salivation and injection volume.

(7) Accurate and soft mold closing system will protect precise die mold and mim injection molding conditions from changes.

(8) Repeatable operation process from professional metal injection molding machine manufacturer will produce tasks rapidly and repeatedly.

4. Technological essentials of mim injection molding

(1) Mim injection molding needs high-speed injection capacity and high injection pressure. Melt temperature is relatively high within allowed range, and molds' wall temperature needs accurate control. These are necessary.

(2) Mold development needs large flow and large gate design so that melt will have more reliable flow path and switch ability within cavity.

Perfect auxiliary device: it is quite important to use high-precision molds guiding instrument, molds vacuum pumping system, channel collector and products removal mechanism, as well as automatic gate removal system and automatic activating molds cleaning system, and even effective products packing handling system.

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