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Development Trend of Injection Molded Parts Size of Mini Metal Powders

Development Trend of Injection Molded Parts Size of Mini Metal Powders

Currently, powder metallurgy injection molding and pressing molding have a great advantage in producing precise, complex, and non-standard parts, and can produce in large quantities with high efficiency, save production materials, and produce high-precision, high-performance, and high-stability precision parts. Currently, 90% of precision parts in the automotive field are produced using powder metallurgy technology. Micro metal injection molding technology principle: using MIM technology to produce process technology for micrometer-sized or micrometer-structured metal and other precision parts. The parts processed by mim metal injection molding are generally precision parts with a size of less than 1 millimeter or delicate structures at the micrometer level.

Important factors in the development of powder metallurgy technology

Market demand

First, we need to understand the market demand. Currently, most of the parts in the automotive field, medical equipment, and home appliance fields are made using powder metallurgy technology. The requirements for these high-precision, high-performance, and non-standard shape parts can only be completed using powder metallurgy technology, which has a huge demand in the market.

Advanced powder metallurgy technology

Even with a large market, advanced technology is still needed to bring better-performing products, and the advanced MIM (injection molding) and PM (pressing molding) powder metallurgy technologies are used for powder metallurgy, which can save processing costs and produce in large quantities.

Powder metallurgy materials

The current materials have excellent properties, and the prices of previous materials have been rising, which seriously affects the profits of powder metallurgy processing manufacturers. Fortunately, the current material quality is also very good, which has reduced the cost pressure for many manufacturers.

Advanced production equipment

The current advanced production equipment for powder metallurgy is mainly German and Japanese molding equipment and sintering equipment, and the current testing equipment is also very good. Only advanced production and testing equipment can enable powder metallurgy manufacturers to produce better quality and lower scrap rate products, which can ensure meeting market demand and reduce costs.

Status of micro metal injection molding technology

Using relatively good and suitable fine powder, mim metal injection molding technology can produce precision parts such as metals or ceramics with a thickness of 25-50 microns, local structural details less than 5 microns, and a surface roughness of 2-3 microns.

Development trend of micro metal injection molding technology

Currently, many powder metallurgy technology experts have pointed out that the size of micro metal powder injection molding parts is developing towards two extremes, and micro-meter-sized precision parts have a huge market capacity and development potential. The application fields of micro metal injection molding technology: the added value is very high, and micro metal injection molded parts have broad application prospects in actuators, sensors, electronics, machinery, medical care equipment and other fields. Micro metal powder metallurgy processing technology can solve many problems that new materials and traditional processing technologies cannot solve, and the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute has played a great role in the research and development and promotion of powder metallurgy technology.

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