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Accessories For Machinery And Equipment

  • Complex geometries

  • Efficient use of material

  • Less material waste as a result of producing near net shape components and considered a green technology

  • Repeatability

  • Excellent mechanical properties

  • Tailored solutions using unique materials formulated to meet componen t/application requirements

  • Jlymim materials can be brazed/joined to a variety of components for complete assembly solutions

MIM Accessories For Machinery, Equipment And Machining

MIM Accessories For Machinery And Equipment Solutions

MIM is a cost-effective process for producing economical, high-quality firearms components.  The process produces near net shape components eliminating costly machining or the inconsistencies of investment castings.   JLY has extensive experience in producing turnkey firearm parts.

Benefits of working with JLY to manufacture firearms components through the MIM process include:

Precise, Net Shape Parts

Significant Reduction or Elimination of Secondary Processes

Cost Savings


Quick Turnaround

High Quality

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