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Jinlongyuan we translate complex designs with exacting specifications into reliable, cost-effective components. Our experienced development and metallurgical team convert the most difficult concepts into a reality not possible with other technologies.
At JLY we have world best Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd is a joint venture between Jinchuan International Trade Company (a subsidiary of the world’s top 500 state-owned enterprise Jinchuan Group) and Shanghai Longruiyuan Company.

Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. is a conglomerate engaged in mining, mineral processing, smelting, chemical engineering, and value-added processing. Our main products are nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum group metals, non-ferrous metal products from calendaring process, chemicals, non-ferrous metal chemicals, and new materials of non-ferrous metals, etc. As a major player worldwide, Jinchuan Group boasts the third largest copper-nickel sulfide deposit in the world, and serves as both China’s largest and the world’s leading nickel and cobalt production base and platinum group metal refining center.

As a leading metal injection molding manufacturer, our business presence scatters in more than 30 countries and regions across the world for exploitation of non-ferrous metal mineral resources. Annually we are capable of producing 200,000 tons of nickel, 1 million tons of copper, 10,000 tons of cobalt, 6,000 kilograms of platinum group metals, 30 tons of gold, 600 tons of silver, 200 tons of selenium and 5.6 million tons of chemical products.

How JLY Works
JLY is a professional metal injection molding factory. So as long as you provide the parameters and we will provide you with the drawings for modification and confirmation. And if you provide the drawings we will give you the samples soon.
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KUNSHAN JINLONGYUAN NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD. is a professional company focusing on MIM parts, all kinds of metal products and metal powder manufacturing. The production base is located in Huaqiao Town, Kunshan City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The company has more than 20 years of professional experience in metal injection molding, We have a strong management team and strong R & D capability, advanced technology, excellent product performance, reasonable cost, reliable quality, thoughtful products, and services. As one of the professional metal injection molding manufacturers, we have won the trust of overseas customers from many foreign countries. 

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