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MIM Material Options

MIM Material Options

MIM materials have had their chemistries modified in order to withstand the complex metal injection molding process.

There are a wide variety of materials available for metal injection molding, and they generally fall into four categories:

Ferrous alloys—steels, stainless steels, tool steels, iron-nickel magnetic alloys, and speciality ferrous alloys such as Invar and Kovar 

Tungsten alloys—tungsten heavy alloys and tungsten-copper

Hard materials—cemented carbides (WC-Co), and cermets (Fe-TiC)

Special materials that include, precious metals, titanium alloys, cobalt-chromium, nickel, nickel-based superalloys, molybdenum, molybdenum-copper, and particulate composites

As a professional metal injection molding manufacturer, we specialize in stainless steel, copper, and low alloy steel materials for MIM. We can also process Cobalt-Chromium (F-75) and other speciality or custom materials. 

Don't worry if you don't see your material of choice, we can manufacture your precision component using many other materials.