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Metal Injection Molding in Industrial Applications

Metal Injection Molding in Industrial Applications

MIM can provide great value to our customers since it can help to increase production, reduce cost and can be used to produce various complicated and small components used in industry and engineering. The components used in industrial environment would have to encounter many extreme situations and circumstances, that means the material of the components needs to be strong and stable. MIM can use a wide range of alloy materials that meets different needs in different situations, and help to solve the problem.

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MIM Used in Different Types of industries

MIM process uses a large number of adhesives as a means to enhance the flow, so it can arbitrarily form all kinds of complex metal parts like the plastic industry. Moreover, there is basically no need for subsequent processing, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost of parts. At present, MIM is applied in different fields.

  • Computer and its auxiliary facilities: MIM is used for printer parts, magnetic core, striker shaft pin and driving parts;

  • Parts for medical machinery: MIM creates medical devices, such as scissors and tweezers, to provide the required performance and accuracy,

  • Automotive and marine parts: MIM is mainly used in the production of fuel injection nozzle of automotive fuel supply system, safety belt accessories, automotive seat electric adjustment device accessories, airbag sensing device accessories and automotive interior parts in the automotive industry.