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Characteristics of Metal Powder Injection Molding

Characteristics of Metal Powder Injection Molding

1. Technical Advantages of Metal Powder Injection Molding

When metal powder injection molding combines the characteristics of powder metallurgy and plastic injection molding, it breaks the original limitations of metal powder molding and makes more breakthroughs in the shape of products. 

Jinlong as a metal injection molding manufacturer uses powder metallurgy technology to sinter compact mechanical parts with good mechanical properties and surface quality. At the same time, the metal injection molding technology can be used to produce many parts with complex characteristics in large quantities and high efficiency.

The parts with complex characteristics produced by plastic injection molding technology include a conical outer surface, cross through hole, concave and key pin, surface knurling, stiffener, and various external grooves. The parts with these characteristics can not be obtained by the processes like conventional powder molding metallurgy method and precision casting.

2. The Characteristics of Metal Powder Injection Molding Design Are As Follows:

(1) A metal injection molding machine manufacturer can improve the freedom of product design.

(2) Various irregular shapes, such as holes, grooves, recesses and sags on parts can be designed through metal powder injection molding.

(3) Knurling, printing, trademark and other marks can be added on the surface and inside of the hole through metal powder injection molding.

(4) Various internal and external threads can be directly processed through metal powder injection molding.

(5) Coating or electroplating can be used on the surface of the parts to make them more beautiful through metal powder injection molding.

(6) If there are hardness or other special requirements, the product can also be processed and heat treated after sintering.

In the cost analysis of the powder forming process, it is known that for the materials too hard, too brittle and difficult to cut, or the parts whose geometry is complex or whose raw materials are deflected or polluted during casting, the Jinlong process can be adopted to save the cost greatly. When the ratio of material cost and manufacturing cost increases, the potential cost can be reduced, so the smaller the parts are, the more complexity they have, and the better their economic benefits will be.

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