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What Are the Applications of Metal Powder Injection Molding Technology?

What Are the Applications of Metal Powder Injection Molding Technology?

Significant performance of metal injection molding process

The performance of metal injection molding process is comprehensive, including powder flow, stack density, vibration density, compressibility, formability, and sintering size change. For some special applications, powders with other chemical and physical properties are also required, such as catalytic performance, electrochemical activity, corrosion resistance, electromagnetic performance, and internal friction coefficient.

The performance of metal injection molding fully reflects the properties of the metal itself and the properties of individual particles and granules. Generally, the performance of metal powders is divided into chemical properties, physical properties, and process properties. Chemical properties refer to the metal content and impurity content.

Metal injection molding refers to a group of metal particles with a size of less than 1mm, including single metal powder, alloy powder, and some refractory compound powders with metallic properties. The production of metal injection molding mainly satisfies the requirements of injection molding for metal powder and binder. Then, the powder and binder are mixed uniformly into the feed using an appropriate method at a certain temperature. After granulation, they are injected molded.

Physical properties include the average particle size and particle size distribution of the powder, the true density of the powder, the shape, surface morphology, and internal microstructure of the particles. The basic properties can be determined by specific standard test methods.

Application fields of metal powder injection molding technology

  • Computers and their peripherals: such as printer parts, magnetic cores, punch pins, driving parts.

  • Tools: such as drill bits, tool heads, nozzles, gun drills, spiral milling cutters, punches, sleeves, wrenches, electrician tools, hand tools, etc.

  • Household appliances: such as watch cases, watch chains, electric toothbrushes, scissors, fans, golf club heads, jewelry chain rings, ballpoint pen clips, cutter heads and other parts.

  • Metal powder injection molding technology used in medical machinery parts: such as orthodontic braces, scissors, tweezers.

  • Military parts: missile tail wings, gun parts, warhead, charge cover, ignition parts.

  • Electrical parts: electronic packaging, miniature motors, electronic components, sensor devices.

  • Mechanical parts: such as cotton machine, textile machine, edging machine, office machinery, etc.

  • Metal powder injection molding technology used in automobile and ship parts: such as clutch inner ring, pull fork sleeve, distributor sleeve, valve guide, synchronous hub, airbag parts, etc.

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