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MIM Parts & Products Examples

MIM Products

Whether you seek to economically manufacture a high-quality computer component, a small medical instrument, a firearm component, or other metal injection molding products, MIM is an ideal process.

Convert Traditional Manufacturing to MIM

Metal Injection Molding
MachiningCold ForgingLost WaxDie CastingPowder
Material difficult to machineMaterial difficult to forgeStrength & toughnessHardness, strength, tougnessHardness, strength, tougness
Complex shapeReduce secondary machiningReduce secondary machiningCorrosionWelding

Surface roughnessDimensional toleranceDimensional toleranceComplex shape

Surface roughnessSurface roughnessSurface roughness

Economic Design Guidelines for MIM

  • Avoid thick design greater than 5 mm

  • Avoid long thin design

  • Avoid suspended design

  • Avoid skeleton design with extensive hollow  features

  • As-sintered MIM is very economic but not as  perfect as machined parts.

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