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Structure of Metal Powder Injection Molding Mold

Structure of Metal Powder Injection Molding Mold

Mold is the mother of industry. Mold technology, to a great extent, determines the cost, yield rate and even functional characteristics of products. Metal powder injection molding mold is the basic component of MIM process. The main structure of metal injection molding mold (commonly called MIM mold) is roughly the same as that of traditional plastic mold, which is composed of gating system, forming parts and structural parts. Among them, the gating system and forming parts are the parts in direct contact with the feeding of mold filling, and they are the parts with particularly high requirements for machining finish and accuracy.

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1. Gating system of metal injection molding mold

The gating system of metal powder injection molding mold refers to the runner part before molten material enters the cavity from the spray nozzle, including main runner, cold-slug well, sub-runner and sprue and so on. The main runner refers to a section of channel from the spray nozzle to the shunt or cavity, which is generally conical and concave at the top, so as to connect with the spray nozzle; The cold-slug well is a cavity at the end of the main runner, which is used to block the cold material generated between two injections at the end of the spray nozzle to prevent blocking the sub-runner and sprue; The sub-runner is the channel between the main runner and the sprue, which is generally used in multi cavity molds; The sprue is the connection point between the sub-runner and the mold cavity, and the molten material enters the mold cavity through the sprue for forming.

2. Formed parts of metal injection molding mold

Formed parts of metal powder injection molding mold refer to various parts forming the shape of products, including movable mold, fixed mold, cavity, core, forming rod and exhaust port. The movable mold is installed on the moving template of metal injection molding, and the fixed mold is installed on the fixed template of the injection machine. During operation, the movable mold and the fixed mold are closed, and the core and parting cavity constitute the cavity of the mold. The exhaust port is a grooved air outlet opened in the mold, which is used to discharge the gas brought in by the melt.

3. Structural parts of metal injection molding mold

The structural parts of metal powder injection molding mold include guiding, stripping mold, core pulling and parting parts, such as front and rear buckle formwork, bearing plate, guide column, stripping mold formwork, stripping mold rod and so on. The guiding part of metal powder injection molding is to ensure that the movable mold and fixed mold can be accurately aligned during mold closing. The guiding part must be set in the mold for positioning; Stripping mold parts are used to push out formed parts and reset; Cores of some MIM products with complex shapes need to be designed, which can be stripped smoothly after being pulled out.

In recent years, with the rapid development of MIM technology in China, many traditional plastic mold manufacturers began to turn to MIM molds. In a sense, MIM molds have developed by leaps and bounds. However, the application range of products is more and more wide, and the requirements are higher and higher. The manufacturing and design process of metal injection molding mold must be continuously improved in order to meet the needs of product development.

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