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Application of Metal Powder Injection Molding Technology in Consumer Electronics and Medical Fields

Application of Metal Powder Injection Molding Technology in Consumer Electronics and Medical Fields

Metal powder injection molding technology is a near-net shaping process suitable for producing small, three-dimensional complex-shaped and special performance products. MIM injection molding can be used with almost all types of metals. In consideration of economy, the main application materials include iron-based, nickel-based, low alloy, copper-based, high-speed steel, stainless steel, Kovar alloy, hard alloy, and titanium-based metals.

From an economic perspective, MIM products usually weigh around 0.1-200g and can produce various complex shapes like plastic products, such as external grooves, external threads, tapered outer surfaces, cross-through holes, blind holes, recesses, key bolts, reinforcing rib plates, and surface rolling. The products have good surface finish and high dimensional accuracy. Of course, the biggest feature of MIM should be its high production efficiency, which can achieve automatic, large-scale, and mass production, producing a large number of products in a short period. The application of MIM is very extensive, and MIM parts mainly penetrate into the two major fields of electronic products and medical devices in our lives.

Application of MIM injection molding in consumer electronics

Speaking of consumer electronics, mobile phones should be the most familiar products for everyone. In addition, smart wearable devices are also very popular application fields. The shape of mobile phone parts is relatively complex, and the feel of use is also very important. With the continuous upgrade of the machine's functions, the parts also need to ensure more exquisite appearance while meeting the required performance.

Electronic communication products are an important market for MIM parts, and almost all mobile phone manufacturers will purchase a large number of MIM products. The micro and multifunctional parts in communication are just suitable for the advantages of MIM technology. MIM injection molding can reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and have advantages of smaller and lighter parts. The advantages of lightweighting and reducing weight of parts and improving feel are the advantages that mobile developers strive for. The project development of mobile phones is very rapid, and only MIM technology can produce so many parts in a short period. In addition to the hinge used in folding screen phones, which are currently popular, other MIM cell phone parts also have many applications in consumer electronics.

Application of MIM injection molding in the medical field

MIM injection molding is also widely used in the medical field. The materials used for MIM injection molding in the medical field have relatively high requirements, and the unit price of a single MIM injection molding part is much more expensive than MIM parts used in industry. How to continuously improve the quality of medical products and reduce costs is a topic that scholars at home and abroad have been studying. The demand for medical products is very large, and many products themselves are structurally precise and complex, requiring a new manufacturing technology to replace traditional production. Metal powder injection molding is a new type of near-net shaping technology, which can mass-produce products with complex shapes in a short period, meet the manufacturing requirements of medical products, and become an ideal manufacturing method.

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