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Metal Powder Injection Molding Special Applications

Metal Powder Injection Molding Special Applications

Metal powder injection molding technology can quickly manufacture high-density, high-precision, high-strength three-dimensional complex-shaped structural parts by sintering blanks, especially some small parts with complex shapes or difficult to process. Generally speaking, this process can process some Products with special properties that make up for some of the previous defects. Metal powder injection molding technology of professional powdered metal injection molding companies can also be used in some special fields. The following is a brief introduction.

1. Metal powder injection molding complex shapes

Allows free design of three-dimensional shapes like injection molding. Since it is a molding process, the additional product shape does not increase the cost, if the weight is reduced through the shape design, the cost will be reduced, which makes the metal powder injection molding process an ideal way to combine more than one independent part into a multifunctional part one.

2. The size of metal powder injection molding is precise

The near-net shape accuracy is usually ±0.5% of the size, and some dimensional features can reach ±0.3%. Like other mim machining technologies, high precision means higher cost, so it is recommended to moderately relax the dimensional tolerance if it can meet the use. Tolerances that cannot be met directly can be achieved by means of subsequent machining.

3. Metal powder injection molding thin-walled products

A wall thickness of less than 6 mm is suitable. Thicker outer walls are also possible, but the process time will increase a lot and the material cost will increase. Thin walls below 0.5 mm can also be achieved by this process, and products with extremely thin walls of 0.2 mm can be achieved (but it depends on the specific product shape).

Since the metal powder molding process does not melt the material during the material production process, it is not afraid of mixing impurities brought by the crucible and deoxidizer, and the sintering is generally carried out in a vacuum and reducing atmosphere, which is not afraid of oxidation and will not let the material have contamination, it is possible to produce high-purity materials.

The above is about the application of metal powder injection molding technology in some special fields, I hope it can help everyone. If you want to know more about metal powder forming technology, please contact us.

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