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Application of Metal Powder Injection Molding Technology in Special Field

Application of Metal Powder Injection Molding Technology in Special Field

Metal powder injection molding technology can rapidly manufacture high-density, high-precision, high-strength and three-dimensional structural parts with complex shapes by using the formed blanks and sintering, especially some small parts with the complex shape or difficult to process. Generally speaking, this technology can process some products with special properties, making up for some previous defects. 

The technology of metal powder injection molding can also be used in some special fields.

1. Complex Shape of Metal Powder Injection Molding

It is like plastic injection molding, with a free design of three-dimensional shape. Because it is a molding process, the additional product shape will not increase the cost, but if the weight is reduced through shape design, the cost will be reduced, which makes the metal injection molding process become one of the ideal ways to combine more than one independent part into a multi-functional part.

2. Precision Dimension of Metal Powder Injection Molding

The near net shape forming accuracy is usually ± 0.5% of the size. Some dimensional features of metal injection molding parts can reach ± 0.3%. Like other technologies, high precision means higher cost. Therefore, it is suggested that the dimensional tolerance should be relaxed when it can meet the requirements of use. The tolerance that can not be met directly can be realized by subsequent machining.

3. Metal Powder Injection Molding Products with Thin Wall

A wall thickness less than 6 mm is more suitable. A thicker outer wall is also suitable, but metal injection molding process time will increase a lot and material cost will increase. This metal injection molding process can also be used for thin walls less than 0.5 mm, even the 0.2 mm ultra thin wall products can be made.

Because the metal injection molding process does not melt the material in the material production process, it is not afraid to mix the impurities brought by crucible and deoxidizer. And sintering is generally carried out in a vacuum and reducing atmosphere, it is not afraid of oxidation, and it will not pollute the material, so it is possible to produce high purity materials.

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