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Preparations Before the Injection Molding Operation

Preparations Before the Injection Molding Operation

The injection moulding process combines the flexibility of design and the high strength of precision metal to achieve a low-cost solution for complex geometrical parts. Because it is a new process, it needs to be fully prepared before operation to ensure the work successfully complete. Preparations for injection molding operations are as follows:

Ⅰ. Material handling before injection molding

In order to ensure the normal progress of injection molding and ensure the quality of plastic parts, certain preparations should be made before injection molding, such as appearance inspection of plastic raw materials, that is, to check the color, fineness and uniformity of the raw materials, and also deal with plastics if necessary. The process performance is tested. For plastics with strong moisture absorption, such as nylon, polycarbonate, ABS, etc., it should be fully preheated and dried before molding to remove excessive moisture and volatiles in the material to prevent bubbles and silver streaks from appearing on the plastic parts after molding. defect.

Ⅱ. The cleaning of the barrel during the injection molding process

During production, if you need to change the type of plastic, change the color, or find that thermal decomposition or degradation occurs during the injection molding process, the barrel of the injection machine should be cleaned. Generally, the cylinder stock of the plunger injection machine is large, and the injection molding cylinder must be disassembled and cleaned. The barrel of the screw injection machine can be cleaned by the air injection method.

If the molding temperature of the plastic to be replaced is higher than the molding temperature of the residual material in the barrel when using the air injection method to clean the screw barrel, the barrel and nozzle temperature should be increased to the low molding temperature of the plastic to be replaced. Then add the plastic to be replaced or its recycled material, and continue to inject into the air until all the remaining material is eliminated.

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