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What Are the Requirements for Organic Adhesives for Metal Powder Injection Molding?

What Are the Requirements for Organic Adhesives for Metal Powder Injection Molding?

Ⅰ. The Choice of Adhesive is the Key to the Powder Injection Molding Process

By analyzing the rheological behaviour and the apparent activation energy of viscous flow, the formability of a variety of formulations has been effectively evaluated. The process parameters of temperature have a significant influence on the formability. 

The choice of adhesive by metal injection molding manufacturer is the most critical to the powder injection molding process in operation and the requirements are still relatively strict.

The role of the organic binder is to bond metal powder particles so that the mixture is heated in the barrel of the metal injection molding machine, which has rheology and lubricity, that is to say, it can drive the powder to flow. Therefore, the adhesive is the carrier of the entire powder, and therefore, the choice of adhesive is the key to the entire powder injection molding.

Ⅱ. Requirements for Organic Adhesives for Metal Powder Injection Molding

1. Metal powder injection molding requires less amount of organic binder

Using less binder can make the mixture produce better rheology; no chemical reaction with metal powder in the process of removing the binder; easy to remove, no carbon remains in the product.

2. The metal powder injection molding process requires moderate uniformity of the organic binder

The metal powder and the organic binder are uniformly mixed together to make various raw materials into the mixture for injection molding. The uniformity of the mixture directly affects its fluidity, thus affecting the process parameters of powder injection molding, as well as the density and other properties of the material. The injection molding process is the same in principle as the plastic injection molding process, and the equipment conditions are basically the same.

Since the metal powder injection molding process can be used to manufacture complex part structures, it can achieve significant cost savings, and savvy manufacturers can reduce costs in many cases. It is also possible to replace two or more assembly parts with a single powder injection molded part, reducing the cost of those assembly parts. 

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