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How to Control the Temperature of Metal Powder Injection Molding

How to Control the Temperature of Metal Powder Injection Molding

In the process of metal powder injection molding, the control effect is generally very good. However, in the process of multi zone heating zone interaction, a model-based multi zone control may reduce temperature overshoot and thermal hysteresis which is more effective. It plays a very good role in the whole production, and the temperature should be controlled reasonably.

1. Application of metal powder injection molding

Application of metal powder injection molding introduce multi zone heating system has many forms, including furnace, heating plate, extrusion or injection molding equipment. Usually, temperature feedback control is used to control or drive the processing temperature required by these systems. Effective temperature control is a challenge. In these applications, simple control cannot effectively adjust the regulator.

2. Temperature control of metal powder injection molding

Consider a temperature two-zone heat roll used to control the load. It has two heating zones arranged in concentric circles and corresponding temperature sensors. The position of the heat booster and sensor creates a dynamic coupling, multi-input and multi-output system. The influence of one heating zone is reflected in the two sensors. In practice, the clamp needs to operate under different temperature ranges and loads to adjust the interference due to the inlet and outlet of the load.

Because a regional setting will have an impact, it is necessary to select the gain of metal powder injection molding controller, which is a great deployment time. At the same time, the response speed should be reduced to avoid interaction, as well as adjacent circuits and corresponding heat booster, so as to control the possible losses. In addition, the response speed should also be reduced to the change of load quality. It is necessary to design a custom feedforward control element and load input.

Metal powder injection molding technology not only has the advantages of conventional powder metallurgy process, such as low density, uneven material, low mechanical properties, difficult to form thin wall, complex structure and so on. It is especially suitable for batch production of small, complex and special metal parts.

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